Category: <span>Spirituality</span>


You are a dog with big brown eyes –

Who watches me in all my guise –

You have your schedule that I know –

When you bug me it’s time to go –

There’s excitement in your eyes –

When I don my pants at sunrise –

The visions in your head are clear –

Open fields full of deer –

Oh how I wish I was a dog –

A midday nap against a log




Mr. Calico the feral cat –

Soaks up the sun on the mat –

He moves with the wind –

Then sits for awhile –

In tune with it all –

With his Cheshire smile


Early Morning
Sunshine creeps
Through crack in temple door


Cloak of winter covers my life
Tender thorns cause me strive
Roots are deep yet unloved tonight
as ravens peck with every flight
there is no fear
as dog stands near
awakening my soul oh dear
sunshine of spring soon to alight
even a weed can flower that's right


October 1, 1924
Climbing the cliff from the ocean below
Only the mast remains
Sardine ship suspended on reef
Only the mast remains
Save the cargo, Save the crew
Only the mast remains
Save the dog, Save the cat
Only the mast remains
All saved souls no longer here
Only the mast remains